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There would be selection pressures for ems as well, in fact they would be stronger than for present- day people. Someone would need to create the ems and they would probably prefer ems with the psychological traits required to be efficient workers.

This is essentially Robin Hanson's Age of Em scenario, and while this scenario is being replaced by AI (mostly because of more funding), I think that 2 major issues prevent the scenario of not being very unhappy/mass suffering from occuring: 1. The galaxy is very large, and this on its own allows for some pretty large scale suffering. 2. The workers in such an economy may be pretty small compared to the population of non-workers, especially if they are much more productive than RL workers, and the idea of a state that solely exists to make people suffer only requires different motivations than making money, especially if we assume that AI is distributed widely.

Future people will probably experience a somewhat balanced mix of good and bad feelings, just as we do. If they were either always happy or always unhappy, they would probably be less effective at working, surviving or reproducing.

If conditions in the future are such that modern humans would be very unhappy (or very happy) we will change to become more so, or less.

I believe there's a surprisingly high chance that selection pressures from non-agentic sources like Evolution may not matter much, or at all. In particular, digital people don't have to evolve much, or at all. And there are real life regimes that don't care about how effective their economy is if it makes people suffer. See North Korea for a good example.

I am referring to a copy that contains exactly the same information as the current "me".

This doesn't seem particularly useful to me. Even if the written copy could be identical to me in every way, I would place a much lower value on the creation of such a copy than on the extension of my current life. You're right that this might be slightly preferable to death, but I certainly wouldn't position it as a real alternative even to cryonics.

What do you mean by "identical to me in every way"? Does that mean that it actually contains all the same information as your brain, or something less exact or complete than that?

That's a really good analysis of the problems with MORSucks. Unfortunately, people who only slightly dislike a work, or acknowledge that has some flaws but enjoy it anyway, seldom form blogs devoted to deconstructing it. In general, you have to choose between overwhelming praise and overwhelming hate.