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Omicron Post #3

Researcher Alex Sigal has followed the mutations of the coronavirus in an HIV patient over months [1], and he believes that the pattern of mutation in the Omicron variant is similar to what they had observed in that patient. So he favors the HIV scenario for the development of Omicron.

And he speculates that, given this scenario, this would increase the chances of Omicron being milder than other variants, because, as he puts it, a virus that persists for months in an immunodeficient patient is probably not particularly deadly. 

It doesn't quite match my... (read more)

2ChristianKl2moOne of the aspects of Omicron is that over half of the mutations are focused on the spike protein. It would be very interesting to know whether that pattern is also true for Sigal's patient or whether the mutations in that patient are more distributed.
Covid 10/14: Less Long Cvoid

I don't think it's clear that mRNA flu vaccines will be as effective as mRNA corona vaccines.


One reason why SARS-CoV2 is an "easy" target for vaccine is that it has a very low mutation rate (as do other corona viruses). Influenza viruses evolve much faster. A standard problem of flu shots is that they are not designed against the virus that circulates in the winter, but rather against viruses that circulated half a year ago. For the corona virus, this does not make a big difference, but for flu viruses, it can render the vaccine (partially) useless.&... (read more)

0cistrane3moThe big promise of mRNA technology is that a vaccine can be made against several strains in the same shot
Swiss Political System: More than You ever Wanted to Know (I.)

What a great post! This is really accurate.

Let me add a nuance about the political debate by comparing Germany and Switzerland.

I have moved from Germany to Switzerland (Zurich) 10 years ago. Germany and Switzerland are often considered similar by outsiders, or at least by Germans. To some extent this is true, but from the beginning I was really shocked by how much better the Swiss political system works than the German one (which is already considered sober and highly functional).

The most obvious difference is how much media and news in Switzerland focus o... (read more)