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Meta-reading recommendations

This link now seems to be returning a 404. The list can still be accessed through the way back machine:

Book Recommendations

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - Stoicism at its best, I count this as the most motivational book I've ever read.

Wikipedia lists seven popular english translations. Is there a particular one you can recommend?

Definitely Gregory Hays.
Debate tools: an experience report

I have using Rationale from Austhink back when I was taking Philosophy classes. It was actually pretty good compared to what others offer but unfortunately limited to Windows. Ever since that time I have been thinking on and of about what software could be developed to both share ideas and refine our collective thinking in a better way. While there are tons of projects attempting such things most are either horribly designed or targeted at a non existing market.

I've read through the discussion above and I wonder why a semantic web approach wasn't mentioned... (read more)

Software tools for community truth-seeking

We used Rationale in the philosophy classes at school. It's an argument mapping tool. Too bad it's Windows only :-(. I would really like to see a platform independent or online version.

Recommended reading for new rationalists

That is an absolutely amazing piece of writing by mr Dennett! Thanks.