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You Are Being Underpaid

You mentioned data structures and algorithms. What would you consider a skillset baseline for your typical BigCo.? Is that it?

Taking Google as an example, that is what they want at entry-level. If you're more experienced, my impression is that you still get run through the same gauntlet, but then you also get interviewed by a few different teams for more specific skill sets (i.e. mobile will want actual mobile experience, etc). Keep in mind "data structures and algorithms" is underselling it a bit - you need to know well beyond what you typically cover in an introductory algorithms course.
Dire Bullshit

I'm sorry, not being dense, but what is with the last bullet point being all garbled? Do I need to decode that somehow?

8Said Achmiz4y []
Origin of Morality

I think the reason you got downvoted is that your title was too ambitious. What you have here isn't bad, but perhaps if you had named it "Speculations on Morality in Machines and Animals", it would have been better accepted.

-2David Cooper4y
The only votes that matter are the ones made by AGI.
A Sketch of Good Communication

Did you publish this other post?