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Counterfactual Mugging

I have one minor question about this problem, would I be allowed to say, offer omega $50 instead of the $100 he asked for in exchange for $5000 and the promise that, if it had occured that the coin landed head, it would give me $5000 and ask me for $50, which he (going to refer to all sentinents as he, that way I don't have to waste time typing figuring out whether the person I'm talking about is he,she, or it.) would know to do since Omega would simulate the me when the tail landed tails, and thus the simulated me would offer him this proposition. Which s... (read more)

0pnrjulius10yWe have to presume you can't just mug Omega. (He is omniscient, may as well make him omnipotent too.) Otherwise the problem is totally different.