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I interpret Eliezer to be saying that the Kolmogorov complexity of the human genome is roughly 25MB -- the absolute smallest computer program that could output a viable human genome would be about that size. But this minimal program would use a ridiculous number of esoteric tricks to make itself that small. You'd have to multiply that number by a large factor (representing how compressible, in principle, modern applications are) to make a comparison to hard drive bits as they are actually used.

As far as I can tell, Watson is obviously right.

That said, we have every reason to believe that the intelligence gap is solvable. The difference in performance between American blacks and those still in Africa suggests that more than half of the problem is environmental and can be tackled via relatively simple measures like micronutrient supplementation. And by the time we are done implementing that, it's likely that germline engineering and/or "smart pills" will be sophisticated enough to handle any genetic component of the problem that may re... (read more)

No. I don't believe that private charity alone, however much wealth it might amass, can ever deal with such a vast task. IMO a more realistic best hope would be the benevolent, well-controlled development of and a fair distribution mechanism for all kinds of intelligence-enhancing technologies, from currently existing medicine up to genetic manipulation and more radical transhumanist stuff like cranial augs. Today there would be a heated political debate as to whether those would be best achieved by market- or government-dominated means, but I'm afraid that both would be grossly inadequate for the humanitarian purpose of prioritizing the most disadvantaged first. People of <85 IQ don't tend to have large incomes or political pull and strong communities, so without someone having the will to "uplift" them on a global scale little could probably be acheived. Which, as with the other infamous Gordian knots of today, should make us consider whether trying to ensure a positive Singularity might not be the most effective and ethical course.