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The Wonder of Evolution

Evolution is biased at genes replication routes, at their alternative-splicing-steps junctions

A. A reply to one of my posts:

"Dov, you write: Life's evolution is not random. It is biased, driven by culture.

Be sure you understand that Darwin did not say that evolution is random. He said that evolution is not random. It is driven by natural selection."

B. I never wrote anything that Darwin said. Here, again, is what I say and wrote:

Culture is the universal driver of genetic evolution

The major course of natural selection is not via random mutations f... (read more)

Is Humanism A Religion-Substitute?

Science-Informed "Theism" And Religion

Chapter IV of "Life, Tomorrow's Comprehension"

Science-Informed "Theism", And Religion

There is no more competition between science and faith than between science and arts or science and tourism.

Science is systematized knowledge, whereas faith, arts and tourism and a host of other matters are components of culture, where culture is a ubiquitous biological entity of ALL organisms regardless of size or complexity, selected f... (read more)