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Epilogue: Atonement (8/8)

At what point do children get to choose it?

SIAI - An Examination

Surely though if the FAI is in a position to be able to execute that action, it is in a position where it is so far ahead of an AI someone could be developing that it would have little fear of that possibility as a threat to CEV?

1PhilGoetz10yIt won't be very far ahead of an AI in realtime. The idea that the FAI can get far ahead, is based on the idea that it can develop very far in a "small" amount of time. Well, so can the new AI - and who's to say it can't develop 10 times as quickly as the FAI? So, how can a one-year-old FAI be certain that there isn't an AI project that has been developed secretly 6 months ago and is about to overtake it in itelligence?