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5 general voting pathologies: lesser names of Moloch

Your criticism of IRV is on point. A revolutionary might be happy to see the center squeezed so some kind of radical or reactionary ekes out a win, just to shake things up somehow, but I would not be.

Approval voting's main real advantage is in implementation: like FPTP, it is a one-pass system requiring only a running tally of votes, one data point per candidate. But despite the rumors based on inapt metrics, it is highly tactical. It is "inherently tactical"-- even an honest voter must make a tactical choice in a three candidate race. You a... (read more)

3Jameson Quinn4y
Condorcet is good. The one fundamental sense in which 3-2-1 is better is a better resistance to dark horse pathology, especially in the context of combined delegated and tactical voting. In Condorcet, in a highly-polarized situation, somebody 90% of everybody's never heard of might be the Condorcet winner because each side rates them above the other. In 3-2-1, that person never makes it to the top 3. This is not a strong argument, but it's the one I have. As regards IRV, it's definitely worse than either.