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It has been asked before, but I will ask again because I prefer clear answers: is Death With Dignity MIRI’s policy? 

What I’m seeing from my outside perspective is a MIRI authority figure stating that this is the policy.

(I ran this comment by Eliezer and Nate and they endorsed it.)

My model is that the post accurately and honestly represents Eliezer's epistemic state ('I feel super doomy about AI x-risk'), and a mindset that he's found relatively motivating given that epistemic state ('incrementally improve our success probability, without getting emotionally attached to the idea that these incremental gains will result in a high absolute success probability'), and is an honest suggestion that the larger community (insofar as it shares his pessimism) adopt the same fr... (read more)

Book: Economix (How Our Economy Works, and Doesn‘t Work)

Description: An introduction to how economic theories have evolved and shaped cultural thinking in the context of history. A comic book!

Positives: extremely easy to understand, actually enjoyable, clearly states the limits of theory, organized in a way that meant I was able to anchor the new information to background history that I was somewhat familiar with already, author clearly points out limitations in his viewpoint, covers some modern economics

Negatives: US centric, much less useful for someone who wants more than a launching point

(I would note that there is another economics comic book with a similar title that is, imho, much worse)

One thing I lack is perspective, and the linked resources are offering just that! 

Great context that I wasn’t aware of! Changed language to reflect a level of uncertainty, since I’ve yet to form my own solid timeline. Also because likely has an actual meaning as a word that I didn’t consider.