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Clapping Lower

Doing this can send out a jet of air above your thumbs.  If you send this jet into your mouth, you can change the pitch by changing the shape of your mouth, which I found endlessly amusing as a kid.

What New Desktop Should I Buy?

Linus Tech Tips has a secret shopper series where they (anonymously) order several prebuilts and test them out.  They find that they vary greatly in quality, with Dell (which owns Alienware) being the absolute worst.  iBUYPOWER takes the prize, with boutique brands Maingear and Origin PC doing well, but you will pay a price premium.

Gamers Nexus also reviews some prebuilts and finds a lot of them horrifically terrible, especially Alienware.  Like, really, it's not that hard to build your own PC; how can these prebuilts be so incredibly incomp... (read more)

1Rudi C1mo
Considering that DIY is widely acknowledged to be viable, my prior is that the marketing around Alienware is bullshit and it’s just fine. Care to point to hard data that refutes this?
Limits of Bodily Autonomy

An unconditional right to bodily autonomy also implies the right to prostitute yourself and sell your organs, not to mention try whatever drugs you want or purchase corrective eyewear.

Air Conditioner Test Results & Discussion

Measuring energy consumption is cheap and easy with a $30 Kill-a-Watt:

I propose a follow-up experiment to measure daily energy consumption alternating hose configuration with the same set temperature.  The previous experiment tried to answer "how much does maximum cooling power change between configurations," while here we would answer "how much does efficiency ... (read more)

Ceiling Fan Air Filter

I'm not so sure a central air system wouldn't be up to the task.  I calculate this purifier at 150 CFM from the product page and assuming 8 ft. ceilings, and this implies 1,500 CFM would be a fairly typical residential HVAC system, so that seems roughly adequate to me.

Also, that product page suggests you should cycle air 5 times per hour, but that seems excessive to me.  I use that unit in a much larger room on a low setting and it does just fine getting rid of any smoke smell from wildfires.

2jefftk3mo [] thinks outside is 1/20 the risk of inside, and 5 ACH gets you to 1/4. The purifier you link to has a CADR of 141 CFM, so roughly equivalent to bringing in outside air at a rate of 141 CFM. If your residential system can do 1,500 CFM on a 2,000 sqft house with 8ft ceilings, I get 5.6 ACH. That's quite a bit better than I expected; not sure how typical that is?
Ceiling Fan Air Filter

Though I love the idea of a filtered ceiling fan that's out of my way and can therefore be larger and quieter, I don't think a jury-rigged solution would work at all.  Fans tradeoff flow for static pressure (, and I'd bet ceiling fans are optimized for flow.  The filters will up the impedance considerably compared to basically open air, and the flow would drop dramatically.


Also, some (most? all?) central air systems can run fan-only (no heat or AC), making additional filters unnecessary.

Box fans are also optimized for flow, but do well when used as filter cubes. Part of this is that these filters do not actually offer very much resistance to flow. A central air system is generally not spec'd to move a large amount of air: they usually work by moving a smaller amount of more conditioned air.
When Can You Use a Travel Adapter?

I would not have predicted that.  I don't think I've ever seen a power brick not rated for multiple voltages.  If I ever find one, the first thing I would do the next time I'm in a 240V country is plug it in and see what happens, but please don't do that yourself unless you know what you're doing.

It's the first power brick in this post, above. We did plug it in, by accident, and ruined it.
When Can You Use a Travel Adapter?

One of my TVs is rated to work anywhere, and another is not.  All my computer monitors are rated for multiple voltages.  For my TV that's rated 120V only, I think it's intentionally not certified for 240V because it's an NTSC model.  There might be a fuse set to blow if you plug it in to 240V, but if not, I would be only mildly surprised if it just worked.

When Can You Use a Travel Adapter?

Your heuristic is accurate, but I think understanding why it is accurate is as easy as remembering the heuristic.

The near-universal switched-mode power supply works efficiently for a broad range of input voltages and frequencies.  If your device runs on DC, with very rare exceptions (some high-end audiophile gear, specialized equipment), it has one of these AC/DC converters (power brick, wall wart) and can run on the mains power anywhere in the world.

All electronics run on DC.  Anything with a large motor (not the motor for your optical drive tra... (read more)

A counterexample: our baby monitors run on DC and use external switched-mode power supplies, but only take 120V.
Hm, from your explanation I'd expect TVs to work anywhere, but Jeff's heuristic mentions them as not?
Russia has Invaded Ukraine

Russia attacking the rest of Ukraine may be a tactic to keep Ukraine from concentrating it's forces in the east, rather than an attempt to take significant territory.  It's still possible Russia will stop and consolidate gains after taking a chunk of the east (like in Georgia and Crimea).

Occupying Kiev is the kind of thing where cheap weapons (missiles) can destroy expensive weapons (tanks), and is probably very undesirable, depending on how many of those cheap weapons have gotten and will get to Ukrainians.  It might be possible to install a puppet government with minimal losses, though.

New edition of "Rationality: From AI to Zombies"

I would love an elaborate collector's edition box set for my coffee table when all six books are revised. The version on my phone is the one I'm actually going to read, but this is the kind of thing I want friends to see in my apartment when they visit.