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While you are understandably upset, please NEVER compare something to the actions of Hitler/Nazis. It in itself is such a famous and extreme case of negative affect bias (Hitler is bad, Hitler did X, therefore X is bad) that trying to use it only makes your other arguments seem less valid (this, too, is a bias, but its easier to avoid the trigger than try to eliminate the effect). A particularly tongue-in-cheek discussion of that particular example can be found here.

I endorse comparisons of Genghis Khan and Hitler whenever the topic happens to come up in conversation among people who aren't oversensitive. Comparing various leaders on the impressiveness of their achievement or the magnitude of their moral transgressions is entertaining. Also acceptable is speculating about what would in a fight between, say, a tiger and a bear. Or 3 wolves vs a bear. Or a Hippopotamus vs a tiger, three wolves and a bear.