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9 Strategies for Effective Donors

The design is very artistic and the strategies to be an effective donor was logically illustrated, Thanks for sharing this listicle because I find it very helpful on how to be an effective donor to our chosen charity. I have a clear mindset from the strategies I can consider in my chariy donations.

[Link] Lifehack Article Promoting LessWrong, Rationality Dojo, and Rationality: From AI to Zombies

I'm quite disheartened by your response. I really don't know your issues about me. The article from Intentional Insights are quite helpful to improve rational thinking. I do believe if we think rationally, we think logical and put our actions into logical manner. When we think and rationalize our every actions and set aside overwhelming emotions, I'm quite sure that we lead our life satisfactorily.

I do not know your propositions that gave you an insight that I'm a narcissist in any way or a sociopath. What are your sylogism of your attacks.

My point of vi... (read more)

Could you give an example or two of how you're thinking more rationally and how your life is better as a result?
Ella, sorry that my introduction of you to Less Wrong coincided with this burst of negativity against Intentional Insights and that you're caught in the backlash. Hope the actions of this one person don't cause you to disengage from Less Wrong altogether. There are many really smart people here with wise things to say!
[Link] Lifehack Article Promoting LessWrong, Rationality Dojo, and Rationality: From AI to Zombies

Thanks for this article, absolutely helpful to provide rational insights to improve my thinking, decision and actions.

Rationality Merchandise - First Set

I believe that the shirts design are really good and unique. The designs and the words on it really helps to give value on what we believe. The statement are very helpful and it really encouraging to improve our rationality.