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Thoughts on ADHD


As a newcomer to this site, I'm still feeling my way around. But, for a bit of information, my background is in Psychology and Social Research (postgraduate level), as well as having worked in mental health services. My interests centre around a fascination concerning human development, neurodiversity, construction of identity, as well as race, gender, and suchlike.

Found this post on ADHD, read it, and my interest was piqued. Just adding some thoughts/observations (whether they will be helpful, or not, I cannot say)...

With respect to things like ADHD, I... (read more)

3moses1yI recognize myself very much in the dandelion child description; makes me feel slightly better about not being gifted or a high achiever :)
6romeostevensit1yThe split there might be related to the valence-arousal correlation. Around 30% of the population has a positive correlation between valence and arousal (high energy situations such as loud music and crowds are seen as positive), 30% have a negative correlation (calm relaxing situations are seen as positive) and 40% are ambi, can go either way.