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Building Weirdtopia

Technologal weirdtopia:
95% of all innovators have joined one of three factions: Cyberpunk, Biopunk or Steampunk, whose conflicting aesthetics make the Mac/PC debates look like playground scuffles.
As soon as one faction makes a new gadget, the others stubbornly construct their own version based on THEIR tech. (The biological toaster must be seen to be believed, and the continued existence of the Steampunk pneumatic-tube-based Internet is an ongoing miracle.)
Most "Square" technologies have been appropriated by one faction or the other; for example ... (read more)

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

Found this site searching for fiction via Tv-tropes.
While I'm a new reader, I'll likely lurk a lot.
The internet is a constant deluge of input - my instinctive counter is
to provide output only when I have something interesting to say, hoping others will reciprocate...
(And even then, I only feel comfortable when what I say is concise, relevant and new.)
After all, thousands of people might read my message; wasting their time would be unspeakably rude.

0RobinZ11yFiction via TV Tropes ... the "Three Worlds Collide" page? (I ask because I'm the one who started it - glad to hear it was useful, if it was!)