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Mach's Principle: Anti-Epiphenomenal Physics

I've been taught (at an undergraduate level) that Einstein's work on GR actually failed to show equality between the field equations of a rotating universe and a rotating bucket, and that it was a source of great frustration to him.

Here is a link to the paper on the subject of the historian of science (a former theoretical physicist) who taught me this: On the first page of the introduction: "What makes [Einstien's] comments all the more remarkable is that by 1921 Einstein had already conceded, however grudgingly... (read more)

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 19, chapter 88-89

So there's already a resurrection ritual that Harry has heard about. Blood of an enemy, bone of the father, flesh of the servant. Can he find these things for Hermione?

Anyone else confused by the line in chapter 89:

"Lead it away, keep it off me," said a voice.

On first reading I thought it was the as-of-yet-unnamed-but-totally-Hermione victim, which seemed odd, but on a third read I think it might be Harry, and the distance of the narration just a reflection of Harry's horror. Not sure, though.

The only plausible enemy is Quirell - how exactly will Harry forcibly take his blood?
In canon this ritual is used to give the Horcrux-preserved shadow of Voldemort a new body. His body has the shape of a human baby and is able to talk coherently; he reemerges after the ritual with a fullformed body. Hermione has got no Horcrux of her own, and is thus beyond the means of this resurrection ritual.
Based on main canon, I don't have the sense that that resurrection ritual works for someone who's properly dead.
Does Hermione have a servant?
Why? That was my reading.
He can try, but, well, Voldemort's soul was still around. :(