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The mystery these tokens represent tickles me just as much as the next person... I believe one of the last ones to be found out is  the "?????-?????-" token.

With the right pop-quiz warmup, ChatGPT has some suggestions. Most of which are probably useless.

The one which sounds most plausible to me:

The phrase "?????-?????-" is actually a meme, and not originally from a story. It is a representation of an obscenity or curse word that has been censored by replacing the letters with question marks or asterisks. (...)

That one actually sounds like a likely sou... (read more)

For what it's worth: I tried asking ChatGTP:

Quiz time!
In which famous game might you happen on the line, "Hello, my name is Steve"?

And it identified it right away as Minecraft and (when I asked) told me that what followed was a tutorial.

It could also tell me in which game I might meet Leilan. (I expected a cursed answer, but no.) 

I really don't want to ask it about the "f***ing idiot" quote though... :-)

(Oh yeah, and it isn't really helpful on the "?????-?????-" mystery either.)

The thing about "ÃÂ" appears to be that if you take some (or at least certain) innocent character in the Latin-1-but-not-ASCII code range, say, "æ", and encode it in UTF-8 – and then take the resulting bytes, interpreting them as Latin-1, and convert them to UTF-8 again – and then repeat that process, you get:

$ echo 'æ' | iconv -f latin1 -t UTF-8  | iconv -f latin1 -t UTF-8 | iconv -f latin1 -t UTF-8  | iconv -f latin1 -t UTF-8 

Well, between those various "A"s are actually some invisible "NO BREAK HERE" and "BREAK PERMITTED HERE" ch... (read more)

Thanks for this, Erik - very informative.