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How I use Google Forms in my Workflow

I registered here to say that your idea seems very exciting and I'm eager to try it! Also, I would like to ask for a of copy your templates too.

Would you mind elaborating on whether (and if so, how) you use airtable to aggregate your forms into information (eg how many tasks you completed in week, how much a recurring task takes you on average)?

When I first saw your post I assumed you would be aggregating your forms in excel or google sheets. How is airtable different?

1Harri Besceli1yHappy to hear - this link [] should enable you to duplicate the base, if you click the dropdown menu next to 'Form Examples' at the top (it might ask you to sign up to airtable first). If that doesn't work I can dm you a different link. One of the main reasons I prefer airtable to eg. google sheets is that I find it much easier to categorise and analyse the data. A lot of the functionality is fairly intuitive, and requires a lot less formula knowledge than eg. google sheets. For example with my time tracking data it's fairly easy to create different views that organise the records by date, by project, by duration etc. The airtable template gallery [] gives lots of examples of how the bases can be structured for stuff like that.