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Find  to maximize the predictive accuracy on the observed data, , where . Call the result .


Isn't the z in the sum on the left a typo? I think it should be n

Is the adversarial perturbation not, in itself, a mis-specification? If not, I would be glad to have your intuitive explanation of it.

Funny meta: I'm reading this just after finishing your two sequences about Abstraction, which I find very exciting! But surprise, your plan changes ! Did I read all that for nothing? Fortunately, I think it's mostly robust, indeed :)

The difference (here) between "Heuristic" and "Cached-Solutions" seems to me analogous to the difference between lazy evaluation and memoization:

  1.  Lazy evaluation ~ Heuristic: aims to guide the evaluation/search by reducing its space.
  2. Memoization ~ Cached Solutions: stores in memory the values/solutions already discovered to speed up the calculation.

Ya I'll be there so I'd be glad to see you, especially Adam!

We are located in London.

Great! Is there a co-working space or something? If so, where? Also, are you planning to attend EAG London as a team?

2Connor Leahy8mo
We currently have a (temporary) office in the Southwark area, and are open to visitors. We’ll be moving to a larger office soon, and we hope to become a hub for AGI Safety in Europe. And yes! Most of our staff will be attending EAG London. See you there?