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True Ending: Sacrificial Fire (7/8)

I agree with tarleton I think. Can someone briefly summarize what is so objectionable about the superhappy compromise? It seems like a great solution in my view.what of importance is humanity actually giving up? They have to eat non-sentient children. Hard to see why we should care about that when we will never once feel a Gag reflex and no pain is caused to anyone. Art and science will advance not retreat due to superhappy technology being applied to it. The sex will be better and there will be other cool new emotions which will have positive value to us.... (read more)

A New Day

I think the insight should sometimes be combined with Robin's idea about varying on one dimension and not trying to deviate from the crowd on all dimensions at once. Perhaps doing it 10 times year, where one day you vary just your mathematical techniques, etc., etc.