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Chaotic Inversion

I worked at an ISP call center for a few years, doing tech support. My numbers weren't great, in terms of calls handled per day. I can't recall the number anymore, but while I usually got close, it was always a near thing. At some point my brain would just go numb.

If anyone is curious sitting at a phone for hours a day is soul crushing. Just FYI.

We got two 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch. One day I decided to start taking a short break after every few calls, trying to amortize my half hour of small break time out over the whole day. I'd like to say ... (read more)

2taryneast11yYah - I can vouch for that. I need to leave my desk at lunchtime. Usually take a book up on the roof and I read. Anything as long as it is away. If I stay at the desk and websurf, I find I'm just not as productive, when I start working again.