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do you have any published papers on this? or, what are the top papers on the topic? 

Thanks for asking. I'll likely be publishing my first paper early next year, but the subject matter is quite advanced, definitely not entry-level stuff. It takes more of a practical orientation to the issue than merely establishing evidence (the former my specialty as a researcher; as is probably clear from other replies, I'm satisfied with the raw evidence). As for best published papers for introductory purposes, here you can find one of my personal all-time favorites.

That’s an interesting coincidence. Yes, the desire to receive credit seems almost immoral in some circumstances. I wonder if it has to do with the Christian roots that cousin_it is pointing to below. Other cultures have different attitudes. I recall reading about Viking rituals called Bragas. After a battle, the clan would gather around a table, feast, drink and each warrior would brag mightily about their heroic deeds. If they couldn’t brag well (claim credit), they would be laughed at.

And thank you for your thoughts - after writing this, I came across yo... (read more)

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Interesting. Yup that's a gret way to put it.

Thank you. Yes, agreed, that’s a significantly older instance. I wonder if we would find this also trickled down into Christianity from other ancient religions.