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[Update] Without a phone for 10 days

This experiment illustrates a great way of using tech as utilitarian value. I wonder if you've read Cal Newport's books "Deep Work" and "Digital Minimalism" which the author emphasizes of using technologies for beneficial use and eliminating ones that are distracting or useless.

3adamzerner3mo+1. I was going to mention Cal Newports stuff too but forgot. Seems right up your alley Benjamin.
1Benjamin Spiegel3moHaven't read either, but a good friend has read "Deep Work," I'll ask him about it.
Review: The End Is Always Near

Yeesh, the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” idea has already been proven false. Research (the two links below) demonstrates that people going through hardships can develop unhealthy mental disorders like trauma, not the other way around, and it also doesn’t mean you can naturally develop an immunity towards it. The idea just borders between pseudoscientific and unrealistic. (read more)

4hg004mo [] If it worked, militaries would be using it to... Ditch boot camp and instead harden soldiers for battle by having them participate in group therapy I think you're both too credulous of the research you linked, and extrapolating from it too confidently.