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Those sure are a lot of naked assertions with zero supporting argument. Strange, I don't feel any particular urge to defend Bonds' monumentally bad writing.

How could phlogiston theory have explained the flame not going out? It seems pretty straightforward : as the air absorbs phlogistion from the substance being burnt, it eventually becomes saturated. If the flame didn't go out, this would disprove the theory.

Sounds like a great way to excuse writing trash.

what do you mean by "how can you get blue from not-blue"?

"This of course makes me a deranged, non-thinking, Eliezer-worshiping fanatic for whom the singularity is a substitute religion."

Yes, it does. Seek professional help.

And then your opponent still steals, gets all the money, and nothing goes to medical research. woopty doo.

No, Romeo chooses steal. If his opponent also chooses steal (in spite of Romeo's credible commitment to choosing steal himself), the opponent does not get any money.

Masculinity isn't off-putting.

That's a subjective value judgement from your point of view. If you intend it to be more than that, you would have to explain why others shouldn't see it as off-putting. Otherwise, I don't see how it contributes to the discussion other than "there's at least one person out there who thinks masculinity isn't off putting", which we already know, there's billions of examples.
Don't worry, it will have been available in 2017 one of these days.

Noise / sound exist independently of observation, at least so long as you subscribe to the idea that there exists an objective reality outside of your own mind. They are pressure waves transmitted through some medium.

The tree makes a sound, which no one hears.