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Are there any updates about when the books would be available on Amazon UK or even better Amazon DE / FR to make it easier for people based in EU countries to get them?

Thanks for making the books, I'm really looking forward to get them! :-D

For a 'Bayesian Probability 101", I'm currently following Richard McElreath's Statistical Rethinking course. 

I still haven't finished it (only on Chapter 4), but so far it's all that I wanted it to be: 

It's funny cause this was recommended to me by ... (read more)

The link from this reply now posts to a steroids page. From the DOI in the link, I found the article here:

(for anyone interested and still looking at these comments 13y later ;-) )

I mistakenly signed twice. Will there be a duplicate check, or could you simply remove my second entry?

[I forgot I had NoScript enabled, so after the first attempt nothing seemed to have happened. That's why I disabled it, which refreshed the site, and submitted again. Then I saw that first time worked already, so now my name appears twice.]

We can remove duplicates. Thanks for highlighting. 

The epilogue reminded me of a funny quote I've heard in a conversation about Computer Security and Encryption:

"If brute force isn't working, you're not using enough"