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Pretending to be Wise

There is some incredible insight hovering in the background here but I cannot put my finger on it.

I am am trained as a lawyer and therefore "disputes" are my livelihood. That being said, I have engaged in all sorts of "dispute" resolutions over the years from jury trials to bench trials to arbitrations to mediations to just simply getting people together and trying to work things out.

The schoolyard fight example is intriguing. We speak of many things when dealing with dispute resolution. I think, if asked, most people would claim that o... (read more)

-1Desrtopa10yI don't think that's fair to say at all. If one person clearly is in the wrong (committed assault, hate speech or so on,) we have laws that say that they're responsible and are to be punished, and we do this to discourage people from engaging in these kinds of acts in the first place. We might want the police to stop fights first and only worry about who to blame afterwards if they think something serious was going on, but I don't think we'd want to live in a society where police either broke up conflicts without issuing punishment or charged everyone involved in conflicts. Policemen aren't judges, but we do entrust them with the responsibility of working out who to charge with crimes. This is analogous to a teacher, say, coming upon an altercation between students, rendering a judgment of who's responsible, and sending only the person or people who they think are responsible to the principal to work out what if anything is an appropriate punishment.
1velisar10yyou could morph this point into an article for the discussion part of the site. More people would read an interesting take. (if you read this after so much water has flowed down the river)