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Here is an alternative for generating the epubs, adapted from a version I wrote a few weeks ago. The format is similar to Glowfic, but with images/characters to the right. This way (imo) the text flows better, and the image hints at who is talking in the corner of the eye without having to read their name.

I would be up for setting up the planecrash posts to be added and auto-updated in the repo above for easy downloading if the authors want that.

A note for anyone else writing scripts: Glowfic has an API, you can check the linked code or their repo for spec... (read more)

In case you missed it and for future readers:

But would it be possible to coat the radiator with quantum dots that preferentially emit thermal radiation at a frequency not absorbed by the atmosphere?

It does indeed look like something like this is possible. At least two companies in the space: SkyCool and Radi-Cool. Here is an article covering mainly the former.

I believes this qualifies the idea as No Longer Crazy™.