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I'd bet on #4.

Or an alternative combo of 3 and 4: e.g., the AI-empowered corporations continue to gain astronomical wealth until they're largely more powerful than national governments. The process of mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers from AI companies leads to megacorporation oligopolies that control geographic and cyber empires. Incrementally, the economic power of large AI giants begins to encompass geopolitical power--akin to the historical shift from empires to city-states to nation states--and gradually company security debarments become armies, and company leadership, functional authoritarian ASI governments. 

Hi! I appreciate you taking a look. I'm new to the topic and enjoy developing this out and learning some new potential useful approaches. 

The survey is rather ambiguous and I've received a ton of feedback and lessons learned; as it is my first attempt at a survey, whether I wanted one or not, I am getting a Ph.D. on what NOT to do with surveys certainly. A learning experience to say the least. 

For the Modeling Transformative AI Risk (MTAIR) project  

The MTAIR guys I'm tracking and have been working with them as able with the hope that our pr... (read more)

Great project. I'd love to hear more details. Somehow I missed this post when it was released but it was pointed out to me yesterday. 

I've been developing a project for the past couple of months that lines up quite closely (specifically, the goal of exploring additional scenarios as you highlighted in the takeaways).  I have a very short time horizon for the completion of this particular part of the project (which has interfered with refining the survey much as I'd have liked) but I'd be happy to share any results. 

The project I've been work... (read more)

Thanks for this. I'm a little late to getting to it. 

I'm finding the state capture elements of this and loss of decision autonomy especially convincing and likely underway. I'm actually writing my thesis to focus on this particular aspect of scenarios. I'm using a scenario mapping technique to outline the full spectrum of risks (using a general morphological model), but will focus the details on the more creeping normalization and slow-moving train wreck aspects of potential outcomes. 

Please help with data collection if any of you get a free minu... (read more)

Excellent post. Very useful. 

It's easy to lose sight of the common threads in these arguments and that the commonalities largely outweigh the disagreements. Your comparisons with the different technologies (guns, nukes) was especially useful and I hadn't seen this framed explicitly, with the low effort vs fundamental technology aspect. One thought I had was that this potentially could play out somewhere in the middle; where there is continuous progress with increasingly powerful and disruptive AI to a point, but with the arrival of self-awareness/self... (read more)