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Cup-Stacking Skills (or, Reflexive Involuntary Mental Motions)

Ah, yes, existential crisis and getting called out in the morning

That's exactly what I come to this site for

Three Worlds Decide (5/8)

Okay, I'm sorry, I know I am a horrible human being that is a product of its time and can't comprehend the societal macroevolution of his own species but DAMN IT, these people are way, way, way too ethical for anything human-like to be seen upon them. They literally stopped celebrating the effective salvation of their entire species for the youth of a species that causes little to no stimuli liable to evoke sympathy in evolutionary terms. And I know I'm shallow, and I know we'd all love to think we're more decent as a whole than to... (read more)

Interlude with the Confessor (4/8)

Would be glad to if we could find at least one completely reliable sourcee that is undeniably from a female source that is not pandering to the market for publicity. It should be noted I am not infering such a thing is the rule, I am merely stating my own ignorance and incapaility of determining solid statistics on the matter

The Super Happy People (3/8)

I think it should be noted that there will be at least some humans willing to convert, maybe even among the lords and ladies of the ship, and yet they could not possibly express a consent for the species. Humans in this case are severly disadvantaged on account that while the aliens are speaking with seemingly the highest authority, they're asking Collombus to speak on behalf of the whole Eurasia. Should the humans not explain that, even if it relatively weakens their bargaining position? On that note, how could the other aliens express the opinions of their whole species without communication to their home planet's government.