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1iliq8yAny recommendations for newcomers?
Meetup : Israel (Tel Aviv) Meetup: Fun and Games with Cognitive Biases

The park is pretty big, so make sure to look at the linked map. The points to the precise location we intend to hold the meetup at. It even has coordinates and a picture of what the location looks like.

To make us even easier to spot, I'll wave my Staff of Conspicuousness.

Ask and Guess

Does the Euphemism Treadmill fit your idea of etiquette creep? It refers to the process of euphemisms gradually coming to be perceived as no less rude than the expressions they originally replaced, leading to the adoption of shiny new euphemisms to replace them.

It's plausible that etiquette creep is the mechanism by which such cultures became Guess cultures in the first place. The other mechanism I can think of is etiquette arms race: basically, mastery of etiquette is how you signal your social acuity, and if it comes to pass that everyone in your culture knows the rules it becomes neccesary to make them even more complicated so that the signal doesn't lose it's value.