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wow that's really neat o.o are you going to post these to social media?

As someone who has been organizing meetups in VR for about a year now [check out ea vr and h+vr), I think VR makes virtual hangouts with friends better! I am also actually quite excited about productivity in VR however the tech isn't quite there (give it a couple years), but social VR is already lots of fun (despite still being in a fairly early state itself)! 

Hanging in VR with friends feels a lot like being in the same space together. We like to chill and vibe while doing our own things too. 

My personal feeling towards social VR is something li... (read more)

When I notice I'm feeling paralyzed/indecisive about something, I will imagine a version of myself who is decisive, and predict what they would do. And do that.

When I feel the metal knob of the bathroom door I will check if I have my phone on me, and If I do, then I will put it in it's charging station. 

This is because I often waste lots of time scrolling on the phone in the bathroom in the morning and evening when I should be getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed. 

However, I do like having some listening material while I'm in the shower, ala motivational videos or music. So later when I have some money I will buy a simple Bluetooth shower speaker. 

I read this comment half a year ago and it was very helpful to me. I'm already in a much better spot now, thank you, 9 years later :)