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Is fake news bullshit or lying?

Thanks for the comment, jimmy! That's a good point, and I wonder if it apples to what we're seeing in some of the political misinformation today, where the objective isn't so much to be believed, but to bombard a person with so many conflicting views and narratives that they lose faith in the process and institutions altogether.

2jimmy2yI think the conflicting narratives tend to come from different sides of the conflict, and that people generally want the institutions that they're part of (and which give them status) to remain high status. It just doesn't always work. What I'm talking about is more like.. okay, so Chael Sonnen makes a great example here both because he's great at it and because it makes for a non-political example. Chael Sonnen is a professional fighter who intentionally plays the role of the "heel" []. He'll say ridiculous things with a straight face, like telling the greatest fighter in the world that he "absolutely sucks" or telling a story that a couple Brazilian fighters (the Nogueira brothers) mistook a bus for a horse and tried to feed it a carrot and sticking to it []. When people try to "fact check" Chael Sonnen, it doesn't matter [] because not only does he not care that what he's saying is true, he's not even bound by any expectation of you believing him. The bus/carrot story was his way of explaining that he didn't mean to offend any Brazilians, and the only reason he said that offensive stuff online is that he was unaware that they had computers in Brazil. The whole point of being a heel is to provoke a response, and in order to do that all he has to do is have the tiniest sliver of potential truth there and not break character. The bus/carrot story wouldn't have worked if the fighters from a clearly more technologically advanced country than him, even though it's pretty darn far from "they actually think buses are horses, and it's plausible that Chael didn't know they have computers". If your attempt to call Chael out on his BS is to "fact check" whether he was even there to see a potential bus/horse confusion or to point out that if anything, they're more likely to mistake a bus for a Llama, you're missing the entire point of the