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The mention of "regularity" in this post convinces me more and more that true intelligence, at its core, is nothing else but the ability to make accurate predictions. That is, intelligence in any particular area is the ability to make accurate predictions about the future in that area. If you can predict cash flows accurately, you're an intelligent analyst. If you can predict game scores accurately, you're an intelligent gambler. Combining such intelligence with goals yields the following: if you can accurately predict whether your actions will b... (read more)

I haven't seen this mentioned before, but apologies if it has been dealt with.

Isn't it possible that, to some extent at least, that our honor & ethical codes have evolved as a type of peacock feathers? That is, they evolved as markers of superior fitness because they make us more vulnerable. Peacock feathers are markers of fitness because they make the bird visible to predators - a bird that survives in spite of it can thus "claim" fitness. Similarly, ethical and honor codes constrain behavior: you are prevented from doing what would otherwis... (read more)