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This idea holds considerable promise, and supports many similar ideas I have found in practice to work well on skilling up in arbitrary domains of interest.

Currently that domain is Leetcode problems, which are about as concrete and deliberate practice-friendly as you can get, as a mind sport with a clear end goal (solve the problem) and 2 primary quality markers (CPU used by your solution, memory used by your solution.

To really make it into a proper loop I do my LC kata according to when they come up in my Anki decks, which isn't deliberate practice but it... (read more)

Can you elaborate on what that claim means? I'm legit confused about what it means. If most flights are empty, and a few are full, then of course people would find themselves on full flights.

Full flights have more people on them. If you have 100 flights with one person and 1 flight with 200 people, most of the people in those flights are on the 200 person flight.
It is pointing out that having tons of small classes few people take is a way to drive down the average while keeping the actual experience of students roughly the same. So Harvard might have, say, many, many senior- level small classes, but could still have all of the intro and even sophomore / junior level classes, which are half of each student's experience, be in huge impersonal classes. ...but that doesn't match what I've heard about the student experience, so IMO it's unlikely to be the explanation.