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As an addition: I solved my back-problems by getting rid of my pillow (I think switching to a really thin one also helps). The first days are a little bit uncomfortable, but then it's actually quite nice and I sleep more often on the back or stomach, instead on the side. Definitely worth giving it a ~10 days try!

Data point: After reading this comment I tried this for like two months - initially intentionally, but also the pillows I had at the time were not right for me and so I kept doing it because getting the right pillow can take a fair amount of time and money. It actually significantly increased back and neck pain for me, I think because my tendency to sleep on my side is just very very strong.

I bought ~$5 medicine dispensers with weekday labels, which improved my life by ~15%.

Due to a psychiatric illness, I have to take a single pill every morning. It wasn't very complicated, so I just took them from the blister pack she was carrying. If I forget to take a pill, I feel uncomfortable in the evening. Not too much, but what was much more stressful was that I often didn't *know* it: Did I forget to take the pill in the morning? Or is my condition worsening? This uncertainty was really scary.

With the Medi-Dispenser I forget the pill less ... (read more)

From one chronic health person to another... Consider filling up a second dispenser ahead of time. That way, if you're completely exhausted but it's time to take your medication, you can yank the second box off the shelf and refill things when you're more awake. It also gives you a 1 week buffer to refill your prescription. Pill counting trays are also helpful if you have to take medications that come in a bottle. Buy one that has Amazon reviews from real pharmacists and put the cap under the spout on the right side to catch any runaway pills. This will dramatically reduce the # of pills that fall to the floor.