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Writing children's picture books

Mentioning children and AGW together leads me to express a concern I have.

If we work on a given that anthropogenic AGW is factual, or so close as makes no difference, and that we should move to mitigate as quickly as possible.

There is a key phrase in that- "as quickly as possible" which as well as the obvious "no slower than possible" also contains "no quicker than possible". We all will have seen (at least those of us in UK/ Europe) the almost deification of Greta Thunberg and the primacy in discourse of the Extinction Rebe... (read more)

And would that be so hard? * Stop driving petrol and diesel cars. * Use public transport instead. * Make all new public transport electric – recharge buses at bus stops, etc.. Put in place infrastructure to support this. Travel less. (The response to COVID-19 proves this can be done.) * Stop burning fossil fuels in power stations. * Use less (peak) electricity. * Turn lights off, turn down screen brightness on computers and phones, don't watch as much television, use less water, run washing machines overnight and at lower temperatures, buy energy-efficient, etc.. * Charge batteries when supply is high, release electricity back when demand is high if battery-powered devices won't be used. * Make the price correspond to the actual cost; if a fossil fuel power station needs to be turned on to meet demand, charge more for the electricity so provided. * Industry could probably do something about this, too; I hear they use a lot of electricity. Monetary incentives might help… persuade them, if they're still run by adults. Turn off unneeded fossil fuel power stations.Replace fossil fuel power stations with renewables, and perhaps nuclear if it can be kept clean and safe. * Stop burning fossil fuels in aeroplanes and overseas shipping. * Buy local. Make this a strong demand, when you buy stuff. * Put information about supply chains on products and stuff. Clear information, visually laid out in a graph or on a map or something, without missing out any intermediate information. That way, people can tell whether things have been shipped in shipping containers, and whether "grown in France" means "travelled by lorry to Bayonne from further away than just getting it from Navarre". * Perhaps something about tax? Tax seems like an adulty solution for people who care more about money and politics than saving the world, but it s
Being the (Pareto) Best in the World
how likely is it, realistically speaking, that there are major problems that (a) require the intersection of 16 different domains, but (b) require only a mediocre grasp of all 16 of those domains?

Politics. Corporate CEO. Talk show host. All potentially interpretable as an ability to BS successfully to people who don't know sh*t from shinola

Being the (Pareto) Best in the World
status is unfortunately more zero-sum than wealth

Status is 100% zero sum I'd say.

2Matt Goldenberg3y
What makes you say that? I'd say it's about 50/50
How do we know it isn't negative sum?