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Super helpful; thanks for writing!

(read: The Athena-Parfit Long-Term Institute for Raising for Effectively Prioritizing Global Alignment Challenges)

I laughed about this for a while. Thank you for this though-provoking post, and for incorporating occasional humor throughout.

At the top right is a pocket constitution made by Legal Impact for Chickens. I received this at an Effective Altruism Global conference, during the career fair. What actually happened was that someone came up to the booth I was at holding the pocket constitution, I noted that it looked cool, and they were kind enough to offer it to me. Unfortunately, I have never knowingly met anybody from Legal Impact for Chickens. I have not actually used this pocket constitution, but I carry it anyway in my winter jacket’s inner breast pocket since (a) it fits very unob

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Alas, it was EAGxBerkeley.

" [...] since every string can be reconstructed by only answering yes or no to questions like 'is the first bit 1?' [...]"

Why would humans ever ask this question, and (furthermore) why would we ever ask this question n number of times? It seems unlikely, and easy to prevent. Is there something I'm not understanding about this step?