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9KPier10yThe reason your comments have likely been downvoted is that they ask a complicated metaethical question with lots of extraneous framings (like "you seem to worship police officers") that make it harder to respond to. I can't answer your question, but I can try to help you dissolve it: What do you mean by justifiable? Who determines justifiability? Are you looking for a specific scenario where use of force would be morally right, or a general framework for deciding whether scenarios meet that standard?

This comment is well below the threshold, but I will reply anyway...

This article is less about passing judgements, and more about understanding what happens in another person's mind.

You seem to be very new to the site, so I recommend reading some of the Sequences, or at the very least the one of which this article is a member to gain a little more context.

I am just trying to assist in further discussion, so if you respond negatively to this, I won't comment further. I won't assume you are a troll now, but a negative response to help would raise my probabil... (read more)

6momothefiddler10yThe ideal point of a police system (and, by extension, a police officer) is to choose force in such a way as to "minimize the total sum of death". It appears that you believe that the current police system is nothing like that, while Eliezer seems to believe it is at least somewhat like that. While I don't have sufficient information to form a realistic opinion, it seems to me highly improbable that 95% of police actions are initiations of force or that every police officer chooses every day to minimize total sum of death. The largest issue here is that Eliezer is focusing on "force chosen to minimize death" and you're focusing on "people in blue uniforms". While both are related to the ideal police system, they are not sufficiently similar to each other for an argument between them to make much sense.