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Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Don't forget that some denominations practice the summoning of the "holy spirit," which seems to result in some interesting antics.

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

I write fanfiction set in the Mass Effect universe. My work is probably "amateur" as I make no claims of being a writer. It's all just for fun for me.

I wouldn't try this technique personally, as I'm not interested in meeting people who I'm compatible with, but geographically isolated from. The odds that one of the people responding would be from the same city as me seem pretty slim.

What I can tell you about my traffic stats is that I get about a thousand unique views every time I post a new chapter. Of the people who add my story to their favo... (read more)

0Omid8yThanks for your input! It's interesting that most of the people who favorite your work are women, but most of the people who write to you are men.
Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

I lurk on almost every forum that I read on the internet. The mere fact that I'm logged out of a forum that I'm registered on can be enough to cause me to say, "screw it" and not post for months. I frequently get, "Wow I remember you" as a response to my sparse postings.

My penchant to lurk coupled with my lack of confidence that I have anything worthwhile to contribute to this community made it seem doubly unlikely that I would ever post anything here. But I'll stand up and be counted now as part of this experiment, as it's the only contribution I can really make.

Cheers, and thanks for posting all this delicious lurker chow.