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Great question! Definitely not. The video series is way, way less technical than the problem set. The problem set is for people who want to understand the nitty gritty details of IB, and the video series is for those who want a broad overview of what the heck IB even is and how it fits into the alignment research landscape.

In fact, I'd say it would benefit you to go through the video series first to get a high-level conceptual overview of how IB can help with alignment. This understanding will help motivate the problem set. Without this conceptual groundin... (read more)

I really appreciate it! I hope this ends up being useful to people. We tried to create the resource we would have wanted to have when we first started learning about infra-Bayesianism. Vanessa's agenda is deeply interesting (especially to a math nerd like me!), and developing formal mathematical theories to help with alignment seems very neglected.

Hi Max! That link will start working by the end of this weekend. Connall and I are putting the final touches on the video series, and once we're done the link will go live.

This looks awesome! Is the contest open to master's and PhD students or just undergraduates? Apologies if this is spelled out somewhere and I just missed it.

Thank you! This contest is open to PhDs and Master's students as well! I tried not to say it directly in the advertising material so that undergrads may be less intimidated, but thank you for clarifying!