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Co-Working Collaboration to Combat Akrasia

It was my understanding that Main is intended for polished final products, and that drafts, polls, and, well, discussions, belong to Discussion. And for me a "nexus of co-working efforts" is a discussion. Its main value is in the discussion process rather than in the article. To put it in another way, most posts in Main (with the notable exception of meetup announcements) will not lose much of their value with time, while this post will be of very little value once people stop regularly coming here to coordinate social productivity experiments.

-1Mqrius9yThat's a reasonable distinction. But imagine this: A post which is a central place for organizing working together. Such a post is a very valuable final product in instrumental rationality, but it will inherently have continuous activity and discussion. This post is not fully polished yet, but it's the best one we have of the sort, and having it as a main post right now increases the chances of this becoming the polished gem we'd like it to be. I agree with you that if this post "dies out" then it could be replaced by a better version.
Co-Working Collaboration to Combat Akrasia

I like this post, but I think that it should be in Discussion. If you agree with the latter sufficiently to be bothered, add a subcomment to that effect.

5Mqrius9yI disagree. Instrumental rationality is at least as important as epistemic rationality, akrasia is both one of the largest blocks and one of the most common blocks in daily life, and the survey [] has shown that co-working is the best tool we have to combat akrasia. Assuming we can make this the nexus of co-working efforts, its place in Main is justified.