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Toronto Less Wrong Meetup - Thursday Feb 17

I'd definitely be interested in this.

For of location, I'd put forward Molly Bloom's or O'Grady's, both around College and University.

1Vladimir_M11yI might drop by, work circumstances permitting. Regarding the choice of pub, out of these two O'Grady's is a better option; Molly Bloom is a bigger dump, noisier, and with worse service. However, I'd recommend the Duke of York better than either of these. It's classier, more comfortable for sitting and talking, with about the same prices but better service, and in the same area but closer to the subway (it's just around the corner from the St. George subway stop exit on Bloor and Bedford.)
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Hello; I enjoy reading this site, but feel kind of inadequate to actually post something when so many of the main postings here are so erudite.

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As long as I can remember, I've been an atheist with a strong rationalist bent, inspired by my grandfather, a molecular biologist who wanted at least one grandchild to be a scientist. I discoverd Overcoming Bias a year or so ago and became completely enthralled by it: I felt like I had discovered someone who really knew what was going on and what they were talking about.