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I would like to have these books in audio form. Are there any plans to record an audiobook on audible (or other platforms)?

Software: Notification Maker (Android)

Need: Get periodically reminded to do certain things / tasks (e.g. taking Vitamin D3 daily)

Other programs I've tried: Any calendar or To-Do List app

There are a lot of things that I have to do regularly, but are hard to keep track off. In my calendar they would drown out the important events and in my To-Do Lists, they were not salient enough. This app allows me to create recurring notifications and set them to appear at specified times. Its ideal for keeping track of which supplements / medication you should take at wh... (read more)

4Tristan Cook1y
I use Loop Habit Tracker [] [Android app] for a similar purpose. It's free and open source and allows notifcations to be set and then habits ticked off. The notifcations can be made sticky too.
I use Life Reminders for this on Android. One nice feature is that the notifications persist until you tell it the task is done (or tell it to sleep until later).
Google Keep has this feature if you don't want to use a whole app for this feature. On any note you can click the bell to make it notify you at a set time and on a set schedule. (I really like Keep as a note taking app but haven't tried Apple notes, evernote or others so I didn't recommend it at the top level)
Great! + helps prevent clogging my gcalendar when I abuse of if for similar purpose - so far only on android, no win desktop/browser interface (?)

"Snow days are usually made up at the end of the school year"

They what?! That seems cruel...

My experience with elementary and middle school was that small numbers of snow days were not made up at the end of the year, but if more than a week or so was lost due to snow days, then the year would be extended. This appears to be the case in at least some other parts of the country as well. From a quick search: in Michigan "schools can be closed for up to six days before they must make up time to receive full funding from the state. []"