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you're right about all that on all points. and i think one of the posts you have linked is how i found this site in the first place. there are many experiments that i would like to run on a group, i could go on and on about the big questions, but also can it be done in a way where everyone is better for it. try to model it in a decentralized way. since one of the questions i wanna answer is "are they crazy or just stupid" (maybe give that a different name later) i wanna educate the members so they all have the same information. the develope... (read more)

Hey what's up everybody, i'm jason. i found lesswrong as i was researching questions for a quiz app that i'm workin on called wisdom of the crowd app. and i got started doin that cause i started a facebook group called wisdom of the crowd. i noticed right away that you are vibrating at my same frequency so to speak. the rationality philosophy is what motivated me to start that fb group. it's only days old but i got the impression that the idea i had is pretty similar to what you guys are doing here. i love your library lol i'm... (read more)

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