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Very good outline! You made a good pitch for Tiddlywiki as well.

I'm into the Roam rabbit hole since january and am very pleased with the direction it went. Some of your close-miss criteria are also being addressed: Offline is coming soon, loading times are now very fast, API/mobile is on the horizon as well and since payments turned on, I'm not really worried about the longevity of the platform. I can't comment on the LaTeX though, but the very powerful transclusion based on the freely query-able block structure of the whole database is just...very very nice. Plus, the community is being crazy active with web-clippers, addons, very powerful CSS mods etc.

To briefly share mine:

  • This shortcut creates a prediction or bet which get's appended to a .csv file, the contents of which can be pasted into this Numbers sheet I use for analysis (pre-filled with the VOX Future Perfect predictions for 2020 at 50% credence). You can of course also enter them in Metaculus,, GJO etc. But for quick, low-impact predictions and bets such a shortcut drastically reduces my threshold for making them in the first place.
  • Basically a part of the above: Quick calculation of bets given the two person's credences an
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