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I might have the same problem - I managed to log in with my lw1 password, but failed to update the password.

(The user interface for changing password is confusing so I'm not sure if I'm following the correct procedure.)

Originally the "EMAIL" field in "Edit Account"-page was empty (even I had set the recovery email before the lw1 was shut down) and clicking the "RESET PASSWORD" caused popup "Must pass". I set the "EMAIL" field and pressed the SUBMIT-button. After that clicking the &qu... (read more)

This is expected behavior if the recovery email address was not set in the user data LW2 imported from LW1 back in September, or whatever - LW2 simply doesn't know about that email address at the moment! The LW2 devs have promised a "final import" of LW1 data, which should fix this sort of issue

I have set my recovery email four months ago (2017/11/14).

So it seems that I have to wait until I've been locked out of lw1.0 and only then I can try if I can log into lw2.0. If anything goes wrong (as it usually does with computer systems), I'll be loc... (read more)

I don't think there is anything stopping you from trying to create a test LW2 account to see if you will be locked out
Good catch. It would make sense to keep some version of LW1.0 running for a while even after the "final import" is done, purely for the sake of supporting existing users in migrating to LW2. However, I understand that the reddit-derived LW1 code is practically unmaintained by now, so Trike (the folks who host LW1) aren't willing to keep it going for much longer. This means that the site devs' hands are somewhat tied at this point and the status quo is not really tenable. Kernel updates are relatively foolproof, unless you did something fancy like compiling a patched version with support for some sort of custom hardware. And you can probably install a newer version alongside the old, without updating udev, so you can get a choice at boot and have a way to ensure that the new version works before you make your system reliant on it. Even if you can't in fact do this (because the newer kernels turn out to be incompatible with some feature of the existing system, like old udev), all you really need is a "live" boot disk to make sure that your hardware plays nice with the new kernel - everything else should be recoverable. BTW, it's only the very latest versions of Firefox that break all old-style addons. IIRC, 52esr still supports them and is relatively current.

Now the login button opens the login popup correctly, but I still failed to reset my password.

I tried to click the "Forgot password" -> popup asks me for email -> I enter it and click "RESET YOUR PASSWORD" -> error message "User not found" appears -> I enter username instead and click "RESET YOUR PASSWORD" -> error message "Invalid email" appears. (It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I enter my username or email or nothing in the first login popup.)

In my older firefox (10.0.4 ESR... (read more)

This is expected behavior if the recovery email address was not set in the user data LW2 imported from LW1 back in September, or whatever - LW2 simply doesn't know about that email address at the moment! The LW2 devs have promised a "final import" of LW1 data, which should fix this sort of issue (again, assuming that you have set your email here; if you haven't done this yet, you should do it right now, and follow the instructions in the automated email LW1 sends you to verify that you control that address!); though of course it would be nice to have proper confirmation of this. Again, just my 2¢. (The version of Firefox you mention is positively ancient, BTW - are you sure that you can't update software on that GNU/Linux computer? It should be possible to do so without impacting system requirements much.)

If I remember correctly, the passwords were not trasferred from lw1.0 to lesserwrong - users were supposed to reset their password.

So it seems like I'm still going to be locked out.

You should set your recovery email here on LW1 (if you haven't done so already), so that it has a chance of being part of the previously-announced "final import" of LW1 data; assuming that this occurs successfully, you'll then be able to "reset your password" on LW2 (or, more conveniently for you, on GreaterWrong) using that email address and log in there. Just my 2¢ here, since I'm not a LW2 developer. (It would sure be nice if we had more participation from the devs here, since after all we're thinking about a major migration and there are still unresolved issues with the new site, as e.g. my toplevel comment in this thread shows! I'm not at all opposed to the migration per se - especially since we now have GreaterWrong! - but I would like to see some commitment from them that meaningful efforts will be made to address these issues) Added: I just checked and apparently "reset password" is not available on GreaterWrong, only on LesserWrong - and it seems to rely on JavaScript. LW2 devs, could you provide a simple JS-free page for the "password reset" functionality, so that GW can link to it and users on e.g. old computers or cheap mobile devices or with accessibility needs (which are often exacerbated by JS-heavy, 'modern' web designs) can use this function of the site? Alternately, could you enable its use from GreaterWrong itself?

How do I reset/recover my password in greaterwrong? Or does my old lesswrong password work there?

Greaterwrong uses the account data on lesserwrong which got its data from lw1.0

It looks like this is my last chance to comment before being locked out:

The new site doesn't work for me. I can't even test if my account was succesfully copied, the login button doesn't work (nothing happends when I click it). I can read articles, but expanding/collapsing comments, changing sort order or hiding/showing the menu don't work.

In the browser console I can see the error "23:32:44.521 SyntaxError: missing = in const declaration" in 168fe459c5f7f951455b85e6019b9d94a5142c29e.js:9:1210986 (I guess there are more errors, but the execution ... (read more)

The site should now work properly on Firefox 48. Are there any other browsers you use on which it still breaks?
Yeah, we are working on browser compatibility. I actually just figured out what was causing your specific bug, so that one should be fixed within at least the next two or three days. Some navigation aspects are definitely hard to make work with javascript completely disabled (example: The hamburger menu), but we should be able to make it so that the site fails gracefully when some javascript stuff doesn't work.

I suspect that tit for tat works better than grim trigger in the noisy environment of social interaction between humans. Your strategy also raises the question of how you tell lies and errors apart.

Personally I never (fully) trust anyone, but still try to treat everyone friedlily (meaning that I'll help them if it costs me little, but I won't nesessarily spend resources on them). Additionally, to protect my own trustworhiness from lies and errors of others, I try not to forward information without also telling the source (not "X is Y", but "I heard from Z that X is Y").

Hi. I'm a computer science student in Oulu University (Finland).

I don't remember exactly how I got here, but I guess some of the first posts I read were about counterarguments to religious delial of evolution.

I have been intrested in rationality (along with sciense and technology) for a long time before I found lesswrong, but back then my view of rationality was mostly that it was the opposite of emotion. I still dislike emotions - I guess that it's because they are so often "immune to reflection" (ie. persistently "out of sync" with wh... (read more)

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Welcome! I recently saw an answer that's even simpler: it's a wrong question! Edit: and now I take the time to find the relevant EY post, I see he already got halfway to that answer himself. Doesn't look like anyone's linked this paper in the comments there, actually.
Have you read Brain Lock?