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Help the Brain Preservation Foundation

I'm doing what I can to ensure they win O:)

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

This works. Donating blood seems to improve insulin sensitivity.

Want to help me test my Anki deck creation skills?

Ping - did this ever happen? I'm looking for good examples of anki decks for book summaries before I start creating my own.

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Do you have better suggestions?

0RomeoStevens9yNo, still looking.
Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

It'll take time to adapt, and is generally much easier if you are eating a low carb diet.

2RomeoStevens9yI have 2 pairs, they're alright but not as awesome as I had hoped from the rave reviews.
Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Specifically, get these if you dont wear glasses or these if you do. I've read the wavelength charts for these, and know they block the specific wavelengths of blue light that we care about for melatonin.

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Intermittent fasting solves a number of these issues...

0mare-of-night9yI've thought about it, but I feel sick enough just from waiting too long between meals that I'm sort of scared to.
Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

My dad changed his name when he became a citizen...and got sufficiently annoyed at the hassle that he changed his name back. Note - this wasn't a major name change, he changed it from "Amarjit Singh Jolly" to "Jolly Amarjit Singh"

Meetup : Austin, TX - HPMoR Wrap Party

How many people come to this? I'll be in town for the weekend (Infosec Southwest), so might be able to stop by.

0Vaniver9yAck, sorry I missed this! We typically get 3-5 people; it was 3 on Saturday.
Columbus Mega-meetup Planning- RSVPs wanted

I'm likely to come (70%) , and could present if desired :)

Co-Working Collaboration to Combat Akrasia

Dreeves and other beeminder people used to do pomodoro sessions virtually together starting on the hour, I found value in that. (this is where I got the scheduled pomodoro sessions idea from) that I had suggested to you!

0ShannonFriedman9yI had forgotten about your suggestion, yes, it is a great idea for coordinated co-working. When I came into the room, other people were already doing pomodoros, so I just opened up my program and started doing them personally as well. I don't tend to do them on my own, but in the chat setting I felt like they were working well for me, at least with this first attempt.
Co-Working Collaboration to Combat Akrasia

I enjoyed the pomodoro sessions we were doing in the Beeminder chat :)

Ritual Report 2012: Life, Death, Light, Darkness, and Love.

My comments: Seeing people was great, actual ritual was looong, and strongly triggered my ADHD. Which was mostly mitigated by me amusing myself with shiny led gloves.

This mirrors my own experience - the way I've found to have the most influence, and get the most done is often not being the one completing the tasks, but rather the one creating and documenting the process/procedures, and teaching and training other people to do the work.

It's also far more lucrative from a career standpoint! :D

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

I'm debating just using starbucks VIA packets, but Dave would probably claim those have higher risks of mold :/

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

I never preheat my blender (but note, I'm using a stick, immersible style blender) And the way to preheat would be to make extra hot water and dump it in the blender.

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

Wow! that is a great idea. Here I was using blackout cloth and nails... Edit: A friend of mine informs me that this is commonly used by meth labs...and may attract unwanted attention from authority figures?

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

Totally serious. I do prefer coffee for mTOR impacts, particularily in combo with exercise/intermittent fasting, but tea has it's own set of benefits. Butter Tea

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

It probably will improve sleep quality, but I have yet to run A/B tests and measure it with my Zeo/Fitbit.

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

I'd be happy to give you a pair of Hearos next time I see you! I also have a few pairs of SilentEar reusable earplugs that I use for airplances or other times that I want to be able to easily insert/remove earplugs.

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

If you use outlook, Outlook 2010 lets you (at least) duplicate these features.

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

You know, you could just do butter tea... :)

0drethelin10yI've switched to butter tea but it's not as obtainable on-the-go, and also has less caffeine.
0Dorikka10yThat sounds disgusting to me. Is it a serious suggestion? :P
Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

FancyHands Per task virtual assistant service - because outsourcing makes life easier ;)

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

Brookstone Napform sleep mask Best sleep mask I've found, soft, you can fully open your eyes while wearing this.

Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

Etymotic ER-20 earplugs Use these so you can listen to music, go to clubs, ect, and still preserve your hearing. I've probably bought 15+ by now, and keep one in every bag/jacket I own.

0[anonymous]10yGreat idea. Also if you want to get a good estimate on how loud it should be before you wear the earplugs, try measuring the noise level using a sound meter. You should probably wear the earplugs if the noise level is more than 85 dBA.
Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

Hearos Ultimate Softness foam earplugs Great protection (32NRR), super comfortable. Use these for sleeping.

0Curiouskid8yI second the recommendation for Hearos after trying 3 other brands.
1Never_Seen_Belgrade10yThe human ear has not previously been under selection pressure to accommodate extended periods of stoppage. Plugging up or cover ears for significant fractions of the day on a regular basis is out-of-spec use of the human body and may have consequences including infections and skin irritation. Just be careful and talk to a pediatrician before applying this solution to children.
0Eliezer Yudkowsky10yI use Leight (laser lite, uncorded): [] These are definitely much cheaper, and I suspect feel softer, while offering the same alleged protection. Using a pair of earplugs every night is a huge quality of life difference.
Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

Kindle 3G Keyboard E-book reader, but get this one for traveling - this provides backup internet access, practically worldwide. You MUST buy the older "keyboard" version for this. Also fantastic to read books on ;)

0XFrequentist10yWhy? Does the 3G on the touch version not work exactly the same way as the keyboard version?
0drethelin10yI've noticed blending makes a huge difference, but is it really neccesary to preheat the blender? I'm not even sure how I would do that conveniently.
Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

For windows, I use X1 Desktop search.

0[anonymous]10yI use 'Everything', but it crashes so often. Will look into X1 Desktop search.
Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

I also use crashplan - to back up my Windows Home Server.

0Rain10yI alter the percentages mainly through new contributions, so it gets tweaked every month, though I do a buy/sell rebalance once a year.
Less Wrong Product & Service Recommendations

I'm a hacker/computer security expert. I use DropBox for low sensitivity files (it sync's far faster, and has better integration) and SpiderOak for more sensitive data.

CFAR website launched

The majority of photos were taken from my Less Wrong/Rationalist photo archive - feel free to use more from there to expand the photo collection :)

[Event] Symposium on Cryonics and Brain-Threatening Disorders

I will be there for part of the time - I'm flying in Thursday, flying out Tuesday. (I was already scheduled to be in Portland for the World Domination Summit, so I'll stop by :) Also going to jump off bridges :D

Shannon is a connector and will help introduce you to other interesting people! I'd advocate that people stay at her place even if they already have other crash space in Berkeley - as this way you are likely to meet new people that you otherwise would not have met.

I recently (June 10-18th) stayed at Shannon's place in Berkeley - additional advantages include it being within walking distance of public transportation! :)

I will help find/sell plane tickets to friends (and those in my extended friend network, such as LW) at a discount :)

How to Run a Successful Less Wrong Meetup

Ok, Photos from 2012 Rationality Minicamp, the 2011 and 2012 NYC meetups, and a random Cambridge meetup are here - Photos They should be up for at least a few months, at which point I'll probably pull them down to save me space.

How to Run a Successful Less Wrong Meetup

Oops. That reminds me, I was supposed to send more pictures... O:-)

Ok, Photos from 2012 Rationality Minicamp, the 2011 and 2012 NYC meetups, and a random Cambridge meetup are here - Photos They should be up for at least a few months, at which point I'll probably pull them down to save me space.

Minicamps on Rationality and Awesomeness: May 11-13, June 22-24, and July 21-28

Photos from the May Minicamp are up on Facebook :) Thanks to everyone for the amazing time, and new friendships :D

Group rationality diary, 5/14/12

Slight Tangent: One thing I've found that helps me in my relationships, is when I see a friend of mine, I mentally recall all the feelings of happiness and shared bonds and good times with that person, and try and put that into my face and smile, and send that at them.

I've also tried to explicitly compliment people (before, I had a bad habit of thinking positive things, but never actually sharing it with the people who I was thinking about!)

7shokwave10yIt took me until very recently to realise that this habit is actually bad: it creates situations where I act like I've complimented people (because I thought of it) and they act like I haven't (because I haven't verbalised).
Please advise the Singularity Institute with your domain-specific expertise!

I can help for almost anything computer security related, also public speaking, running workshops, teaching and training.

Group rationality diary, 5/14/12

Similar to Cord, when I notice an action or thought that brings me closer to my goals, I smile. Before, I would usually groan or feel bad for realizing that I had not taken an action, which I now realize was creating the opposite impact than what I wanted!

Minicamps on Rationality and Awesomeness: May 11-13, June 22-24, and July 21-28

Just booked plane tickets - I will be there for the May one! :)

Minicamps on Rationality and Awesomeness: May 11-13, June 22-24, and July 21-28

I'd love to know this - heck, I'd teach a diet course if anyone is interested (those at the last NYC mega-meetup listened to an hour lecture/qa of my nutritional philosophies :)

East Coast Megameet Google Hangout, today at 3PM

What would be the best place to share photos from my presentation?

2Raemon10yI think linking to them here is as good a place as any. I think only one talk was recorded (we may have audio from the singing at the end). I don't think there's enough content to create any separate repository.
Tsuyoku Naritai! (I Want To Become Stronger)

I have it in roman characters. Kanji would be more pleasing, but harder to have created.

Announcing the Quantified Health Prize

This concept is fantastic - I'm going to publicize it to some friends.

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