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Maybe I am weird but I don`t want to seem like a cynic.

How long does a depression usually last? Is it a matter of weeks or months? Depression really creates a game of chess (not in a cynical sense). Does oneself run into it, or is it in one`s genes?

It really slows down ones capabilities to keep going ones daily routine. Sometimes "stupid teenagers" are sad for no particular reason. Sometimes "stupid teenagers" are sad because of particular reasons.

I was not bluffing with that "earthjump", if someone supports this project with ... (read more)

“Samadhi!” , answers Simple Jack but in his eyes is no enlightenment. He does not understand the full meaning of the teisho. “I only get it intellectually, but I don`t feel it.” , he says.

He has read all about Schopenhauer`s Philosophy and this did no enlighten him either.

He once asked a monk what the meaning of Buddha was.

"Mu" the monk replied.

Simple Jack realized that he could never understand "Mu" and this did certainly not enlighten him either...