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Less Wrong Book Club and Study Group

I'm currently trying to go through Jaynes:PTTLOS myself. As mentioned earlier in this comments: you hardly learn anything by reading alone, you need to discuss or solve exercises. So of course I would love to join a group!

I am currently in Manchester, UK, but will spend most of August and early September on the road, without regular internet access. After that I do not know for sure where I will live or how much time I can commit. But I am very interested!

I also do have a high-quality .pdf-version of the book. Apparently it is the first edition and has no ... (read more)

3Morendil11yNon-profit doesn't change anything as far as I know (IANAL as they say). I'm pretty sure that people who want to get a copy of the book can get it based on information they already have, and my recommendation would be to not expose yourself to legal risks.
1RobinZ11yI don't know what the copyright status is - the edition at [] was removed at the request of the publisher, so it might not be good.
Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

I have several similar experiences, often myself being the one who asked most of the questions. When teaching I always try to encourage asking questions as much as possible. I am well known for the many questions I am asking in class - even to the extend that others get quite annoyed by me.

But if i did not listen to the teacher for a single moment I do not think I am allowed to ask questions any more. I did not bother to listen, so why should my teacher bother to answer? Maybe I would already know the answer if I just had listened...

That is a bit how I feel here, not having read through the vast archives of LW...

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi


I came here following Eliezer when he left OB. I think the main reasons why I am not participating more are:

  • I am an undergraduate student just starting to learn about rationality. I often struggle to understand the main posts and I am quite far from being able to contribute useful knowledge, new insights or a qualified opinion to any of the discussion here.
  • But why not ask more questions? I usually consider asking questions an extremely important thing to do. The problem is, although I have pretty much read all of the current posts, I have not yet cau
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7gwillen11yI agree with the commenter who said that your English is more than good enough to post here. I almost certainly wouldn't have realized you are a non-native speaker if you hadn't mentioned it in your comment.
5NancyLebovitz11yI suggest experimenting with asking questions, and see how they go over. My high school chemistry class (about thirty students) got two scores of 795 and six of 800 (the maximum) on the PSAT test, and I'm convinced that while some of the credit goes to the reasonable and sensible teacher, a lot goes to one of the students who kept asking questions-- at least for me, many of his questions were things I wanted to ask, but couldn't quite get to asking.
5RichardKennaway11yDon't worry, your competence in English, and SovietPyg's, who expressed a similar sentiment, far exceed mine in any language but English. And the English language is so vast that even native speakers keep discovering new words.