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Could someone please start a bright home lighting company?

Check out our product, it's a far-cry from the $400 you mentioned but many times less expensive and thinner than coelux.

Check out a video here:

Some comparisons with Coelux:

We have done 7 years of research on this and just recently brought "Virtual Sun" to the market.

If you want to replicate a window, there is more than just lumens, CCT, and CRI. In order for your brain to really believe something is a window or a skylight, you also need:

1. Separate sun and sk... (read more)

Hey wow, neat company and I’m glad you posted about it here! Unfortunately, I get the sense that your product is up in the Coelux range of pricing, because you don’t list the price. I think a lot of people here are going to immediately dismiss it as an option given that we can’t easily figure out how much it costs. Your marketing is also aimed at businesses instead of homes. Especially given that my post was about home lighting, do you have anything you can share about home applications of your product? (BTW, I remember reading an article in the 90s from a tech mag - like Wired or something - about [], although I had no idea what you did, but the notable thing that stuck in my brain from that article was “why on earth would anyone name a company after a horrifically addictive drug?” I’d be curious if you know what article I’m talking about and whether you have a link to it!)
How expensive is it? Maybe there's some reason that you don't want an exact price in the comparison, but can you give a rough range?
(quick mod note: we normally delete first comments that are marketing a product. In this case it was surprisingly on topic and informative, but wanted to be clear that it wasn't precedent setting)